Undici minuti

Titolo: Undici minuti
Autore: Paulo Coelho
Editore: Paulo Coelho’s Blog (2060 download)
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Pirate Coehlo è il nome di un sito che diffondeva numerosi testi di Coelho attraverso i circuiti P2P. Scoperto dall’autore, anziché bloccare tale diffusione, Coelho ha deciso di riportare i file PDF direttamente sul proprio blog. L’obiettivo è quello di incentivare la circolazione legale – e quindi l’acquisto – delle sue opere. Ecco come si rivolge al pubblico Paulo Coelho a tal proposito:

Pirate Coelho is a site that was hosted somewhere, with a collection of my texts in P2P sites. It was not me who put it there, but being adept of free contents, I asked the original site to put this URL here. I am reproducing here what I found in the Web as for Aug 2008. I am just facilitating but keep in mind that – except for the Portuguese books – this may be considered illegal.


A] I don’t own the copyrights of the translations.

B] I the case that you download a book and like it, I strongly suggest you to buy the book, so we can tell to the industry that sharing contents is not life threatening to the book business. I make my living out of my rights, the same goes for bookstores and publishers. I count on your judgement and good will.

C] If you really don’t have money to buy, print, read, and do a service to your community. After reading, handle FOR FREE to a local library in a small town, to a hospital, to a prison. The intention of Pirate Coelho (as well as my free web books) is first and foremost share thoughts with people who cannot afford buying books.

Thank you, Paulo Coelho

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  1. Sissy says:

    Ciao scusa dove c’è scritto “Download PDF (124 download)” se io ci clicco mi scarica davvero TUTTO il libro?

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